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Good Will Hunting Cam

Hunt your game with skill, but not bullets
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Hunting is a cruel sport, unless you are also hunting for food. Animals to die just for someone's pleasure?

Instead, use a Good Will Hunting Cam. Designed with realism in mind, it looks like a real gun. In fact, it is a real gun. But it only shoots blanks. The secret lies in the trigger. When the trigger is pulled, a camera attached to the barrel, or imbedded in the scope is triggered. The cam takes a picture, with crosshairs to show where the bullet would have hit.

Now, not only can you claim to have shot a twelve-point buck, but the deer goes free, and you have pictures to prove it!

DesertFox, Nov 30 2005


       why not just use a camera?
i-Mer, Dec 01 2005


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