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Highlight the region searched

...and increase my confidence
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When I do a "Find" (as in Find & Replace, not a search engine) and the computer finds no matches, I always worry that maybe the text really *does* exist but my cursor was in the wrong "frame" on the web page, or that my cursor was below the text and the search was performed downward instead of upwards or "whole page".

So whenever I get "text not found", I then have to do another search, one that I think *will* work. For example, a search for some text that I actually see on the page.

This is annoying, and the need would be eliminated if Find & Replace would highlight in a subtle pastel color the region of the document that it has scanned during the last search.

This is not application-specific; I've had the same desire for improvement in Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and non-Windows applications.

P.S. This may be considered "consumer advice", and if so judged I will delete it. But I hope you will sympathize with my feelings.

phundug, Nov 24 2006


       Well, you can highlight the bit that you think you're searching. Would that help?
angel, Nov 24 2006

       Of course, applications like Firefox have a very passive search function and its easier than ever to wrap searches or switch to other text you know is there. Still, a bun from me.
ironfroggy, Nov 25 2006


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