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Hinged bread

two slices of bread with a hinge (of bread) to keep your sandwich together
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Throw away your toothpicks (that is, if you only use them for keeping your sandwiches together--if you use them for picking your teeth, DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY). Hinged bread to the rescue!
mrthingy, Jun 25 2001

sandwich staples http://www.halfbake.../sandwich_20staples
another approach to solving the same problem [wiml, Jun 25 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Hey, guys, give him a break. He means regular white, wheat, or rye, sandwich-sized, sliced bread. With a hinge. For kids under 10, you should be able to get a latch for the side opposite the hinge so that the danged sandwich *cannot* flop open and spill tuna salad on the floor.
Dog Ed, Jun 26 2001

       A hinge on one side is simply not good enough. You'd need some sort of clasp on the other side to stop it falling open. Introducing Velcro bread.....
Gordon Comstock, Jun 26 2001

       Why not buy an unsliced loaf and slice it with ready made hinges? You can pride yourself in your new found art of cutting bread strangely.
Lemon, Jun 26 2001

       Of course, you could just fold a slice in half...
goff, Jun 26 2001

       There was a sandwich bread marketed in the US Midwest in the early 60's called Yogi Bread (for some strange reason, I'm sure). Essentially, it was sliced double-wide white bread with two crowns. Being something of a bumpkin, I didn't recognize the obvious and would, yes, cut it in half when making a sandwich from a single slice.   

       Perhaps it might have become popular had smarter folks bought it.
The Military, Jun 26 2001

       So, Military, you're saying they test marketed Yogi Bread in the wrong part of the country...?   

       Yes, it takes a sophisticated cosmopolitan to see double-wide bread with two crowns and come up with the fold-over idea. Who was the marketing genius...?
globaltourniquet, Jun 27 2001

       I dunno. Maybe the wrong *country*. I was so young. Such huge bread in such small hands. It was so unfamiliar...alien. So somehow...wrong.
The Military, Jun 28 2001

       it would be a good gimmick if you had a series of extra bits of moulding on the bottom of the tin to form proper hinges from the crust   

       i cant think of anything to make the clasp out of so cover all filling ingredients with syrup/honey/jam to stick it together
chud, Nov 26 2001


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