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Hip Dad

Small ear-fitting music device for pan-generational translation
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'Groovy tune Son, it's got a great beat to it' 'Ahh so that's what they call it eh, just sounds like noise to me' 'But where's the tune?'

Many a household echoes to the sound of unhip dads roundly critiquing the latest rap star or pop queen on TV to the distinct embarrasment of teenage son/daughter, especially in front of friends. Small device worn around the ear instantly translates said rap/metal/dance music into intelligable data for the dad to comprehend. An extra adapter connected to the vocal chords interprets words and allows the dad to speak using the latest teen talk phrases. New phrases and musical styles can be updated constantly viaweb downloads. Hence, new phrases could include...er, well I'm too old to know any, so it's open to you guys......

stickyman, Mar 01 2001


       Sort of like a Babel Fish, eh? Once again I'd like to mention the amazing versatility of duct tape.
nick_n_uit, Mar 02 2001

       damn, blast that Hitch hikers book, will I ever concieve an original idea?
stickyman, Mar 02 2001

       See, I think a hip dad would be even MORE embarrassing than an un-hip one. Remember cringing back in the 70s when your dad grew sideburns and started wearing bell-bottoms? Pathetic, really. Dads should have the confidence to act their age.
mrthingy, Mar 02 2001


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