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Portable Subtitles

Scrolling LED sign worn around neck
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This machine would consist of a scrolling LED sign worn in front of your chest, a small microphone, and a small computer with speech recognition software. Anything spoken by the user would be converted to text and displayed on the screen.

This would be useful for communicating with deaf people, or in situations where people cannot easily be heard.

You could also include some translation software like Babelfish to convert your speech into a foreign language text. Or if you want to act out your own foriegn language films.

discontinuuity, Oct 12 2005

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In case you suddenly need to translate in a brothel? [PollyNo9, Oct 12 2005]


       I think the microphone and computer would have to be moveable to other devices... [link]
PollyNo9, Oct 12 2005

       Yes, those belt buckles were a major source of inspiration to me . I wonder what people will think of next to draw attention to themselves.
discontinuuity, Oct 12 2005

       might help if you were choking on a fishbone.   

       "please thump my back..."
po, Oct 12 2005

       I read this as portable subtleties, I wasn't really sure what to expect.
fridge duck, Oct 13 2005


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