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InstaChat Display Chapeau

Wear what you say.
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This hat has a microphone embedded that picks up the wearer's speech, translates that speech into text, and displays that text on a flexible screen on the front of the hat. An upgraded version will convert the text into another language of the wearer's choosing.

Communications with the deaf and hearing-impaired, and with new friends in other countries, just got easier.

awesomest, Oct 11 2013


       So long as it displays "my hovercraft is full of eels" at random intervals, it has my vote.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 12 2013

       Hats have undergone a most lamentable decline in popularity of late, and I am in favour of anything which reverses this tendency.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 12 2013

       Can it be supplied with a Borat language module ?
8th of 7, Oct 13 2013

       "Very nice, my hovercraft full of eels, very nice!"
awesomest, Oct 16 2013

       If google has proprietary rights over glasses then hats might be the next best thing for competitors.
rcarty, Oct 16 2013


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