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Hip Waders

For those who wish to fish but have small bladders
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Long preamble and sardine worthy text comming: not stopping. *tongue planted firmly between molars*

Among middle-aged and older men there is a passion for the outdoors. A beating of the heart that forces them out of their dull workplaces and into the wilds of their nations. Some turn to hunting, some hiking, the more adventurous types even go bird watching! *tongue-in-cheek gasp of horror*

By far, however, one of the most popular forms of out-door entertainment is Fly-fishing. This sport combines the comfort of warm clothing, the joy of natural beauty and the torture of fish whose only goal in life is to get it on, as it were.

Unfortunately many of these aging outdoorsmen have run up against a problem. They, like many people, feel the pull of water so much that they wish they had a way to relieve themselves. This is not to say the following product is only for them.

The major problem with Hip-waders and other drysuits of their type today, is that there is no simple way for the adventurous outdoorsman to relieve himself without the time-consuming process of removing the wading garment and then any other outer and inner clothing he has in order to answer the call of nature.

I propose a new style of hip-waders that incorperates a zip-fly for the express purpose of simplifying the process. This would allow gentlemen who wish to walk through a stream the ability to answer their natural urges with increased rapidity.

Unfortunately the sacrifice that is made is decreased water-impermeability, perhaps future versions could address this. ;)

(end tongue-in-cheek)

Severian, Jul 16 2002

Stadium Pal http://www.stadiumpal.com
Pee anywhere, anytime! [Mr Burns, Jul 16 2002]

Urine storage bag http://www.life-tech.com/bellybag/
not for the faint of heart [FarmerJohn, Jul 17 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       perhaps a cunningly concealed 'overflow' pipe. Which reminds me... how many of us men, born in the first half of last century, remember nostaglically the 'fountain of youth'.
pfperry, Jul 16 2002

       Why not a wetsuit up to the waist. Relieve yourself and warm your legs at the same time.
FarmerJohn, Jul 16 2002

       I *thought* I put the link in correctly... I see now that the http:// is required?
Mr Burns, Jul 16 2002

       http:// hooray
po, Jul 16 2002

       I started to think about the design for this, and then I looked at the links, and though about it some more, and then thought that this was something that I didn't want to think about and wished hadn't been mentioned in the first place.   

       Something can be created, using an assemblage of tubes, funnels, pouches, pipes, valves and pumps, but not by me. I shall leave that to others on this occasion. All that this has done is present a compelling reason never to don rubber waders. I'll stick with my skin tight PVC hot pants, thankyou.
8th of 7, Jul 17 2002


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