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Electro-Magnetic Zipper for the Handicapped

A zipper that needs no zipping or unzipping.
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For someone who is handicapped, or paraplegic, or who broke one or both hands, zippers might be difficult. Enter the electro-magnetic zipper.

When no current is passed, the two halves attract and keep the fly closed.

When it is time to do your business, you press a button hidden somewhere, not easily accidentally pressed. Maybe in your shoe, or attached to your waist so you can press it with your elbow. A current is applied, and the zipper halves repel, or at least stop attracting.

A timer could be added to only add the current for a certain amount of time (30 seconds). Each button press would extend that time. Press and hold for 3 seconds to leave the current on until the button is pressed again.

Not much current is needed.

Could also be applied to other pieces of clothing: hospital gowns (no more butt hanging out), jackets, belts.

ooglek, Jun 01 2009


       You know that curious sensation when the tip of your foreskin is caught between the zipper? Did you solve that problem too or did you only make it worse?
zeno, Jun 01 2009

       People might be able to hack this by creating a remote device to send an "unzip all" to some else's clothing ...
Aristotle, Jun 02 2009

       could you expand on the way the zipper attraction is mediated? Magnetism? Will random cutlery attach itself to my zipper?
loonquawl, Jun 02 2009

       //Will random cutlery attach itself to my zipper?//
Not to mention exotic piercings.....
gnomethang, Jun 02 2009


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