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Heated Onesie Zipper

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I have a Zebra Onsie that I like to wear around the house. It's a most excellent item of clothing but has one failing feature: the long frontal zip is very cold against the bare skin when you first put it on. Heated Onsie Zipper solves this pernicious omission.

It's a simple device that involves the embedding of tiny heating elements into each of the zipper's teeth. The elements are all connected together by fine, ultra flexible wires running along the length of the zipper fabric.

Of course there also needs to be a detachable alarm clock connected system for activating the heated zipper, prior to actually donning the Onesie first thing in the morning.

This takes the form of a small USB stick, which also contains some rechargeable batteries. The USB is charged and reprogrammed the night before, then plugged into a discrete dongle receiver on the Onesie.

My Zebra Onesie has a tail, so that's a good place for it. At the appointed hour and minute, the USB dongle delivers enough energy to heat up the teeth of the zipper, so that they are now nice and warm and ready for wearing against the bare skin.

Happy days, and happy new year to all those who crave their icy zippers to have heated teeth.

xenzag, Dec 31 2013

Zebra Onesie http://cdn.shopify....24.jpg?v=1383858601
how to terrify bliss [xenzag, Dec 31 2013]


       Plastic zip?   

       I like the fact that this is in fashion:pants:closing as if a onesie is a pair of trousers with a really high waistband, a hood and a couple of sleeves.
nineteenthly, Dec 31 2013

       You might try applying a hair dryer to the zipper before putting on this article of clothing.
Vernon, Dec 31 2013

       You can do that. My Onsie will require none of those shenanigans, as the zipper will be preheated and ready for me!
xenzag, Dec 31 2013

       The visual scares me and I've no idea what you look like. But anyone in a Zebra Onsie frightens me. With a tail, especially. That is anyone over the age of five, which I think you are. Scary.
blissmiss, Dec 31 2013

       Bliss - get someone to click on the link as you view through slightly parted fingers - the horror! the horror!
xenzag, Dec 31 2013

       Why not just put a shielding flap on the inside of the zip, as done on higher-quality sleeping bags ? Simple, yet very effective.
8th of 7, Dec 31 2013

       I am at peace with the zebra onesie, though I wouldn't wear it myself. I used to think shielding flaps were a crime against symmetry: you would know they were there even if no-one else did and eventually you'd be destroyed by the heebie-jeebies. I now realise that consistency would require the same issue to be applied to the fact that zip teeth themselves are not at the same level on both sides. I'm rather glad I didn't think of that until now.
nineteenthly, Dec 31 2013

       Steam powered. It must be steam powered.
RayfordSteele, Dec 31 2013

       Freakish and frightening, just as I thought.
blissmiss, Jan 01 2014

       Pu 238 powered.
bhumphrys, Jan 01 2014

       What [bhumphrys] said.   

       Actually, if each zip nodule was hollowed out and filled with an appropriate working fluid, the compression of zipping-up would provide a morsel of heat.
mitxela, Jan 01 2014

       I suspect my son would appreciate this idea.
Alterother, Jan 01 2014


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