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Historical Package Month

Show off former packages
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This would be a new industry-created national holiday / advertising thingy.

During Historical Package Month, all companies which have changed there package designs over the course of years would ship their new product in packages printed to look like the older versions.

So if a retailer orders a case of, say, Cheerios, instead of seeing a dozen identical boxes, there'd be an assortment with the different versions the label has had since the company began.

Companies too young to properly participate could create retro looking spoofs of their own packaging.

goldbb, Apr 28 2009

More historical moths http://bcrc.bio.umass.edu/kunkel/Moths/
[hippo, Apr 29 2009]

this will be historical soon... http://www.juliezic...apancake-745397.jpg
[xandram, Apr 29 2009]


       no. setting up to print out-dated labels would cost a gajilion dollars. also, you mean month not moth in the title which is pretty sad because I thought that this was going to be less lame.
WcW, Apr 28 2009

       I envisioned a kind of fluttering time capsule with a short life span. I like it better than whatever the idea is that I haven't even read yet. (+) if you change the idea to match the title.
normzone, Apr 29 2009

       Was thinking cocoon codpiece.   

       change the idea to match the title - heresy!
po, Apr 29 2009

       "Every month a package will arrive at your door with another Historical Moth. These will build up into your own prestige museum-quality collection of heritage Lepidoptera, each with its own beautifully printed name-card and wooden display-case. Subscribe to Historical Moths now! Issue 1 £2.99, issues 2-50 £17.99 each. Free set of moth tweezers with issue 1."
hippo, Apr 29 2009

       I'm absolutely devastated that this isn't about moths! I feel really sad now.
nineteenthly, Apr 29 2009

       oh yes, what they all said! a historical moth would be so awesome. []
xandram, Apr 29 2009

       Don't old packages of clothes already have these?
phundug, Apr 29 2009

       no other website makes me laugh this much.   

       I am gasping
fishboner, Apr 30 2009

       I actually quite like this idea, although monthly seems a bit excessive. Nostalgia always sells well.

<fills out annual subscription form for Historical Moths Monthly>
DrBob, Apr 30 2009

       //I am gasping//
<Smacks [fishboner] on the back > Better now, or do you need the full Heimlich? <s[f]otb>
coprocephalous, Apr 30 2009

       The moth could be historical in a different sense each month. One month, it could be a recently extinct insect, the next a biplane, the one after that a woodcut of a clothes moth, then a fossilised specimen, then one which was earthshatteringly important in geopolitics, and so forth.
nineteenthly, Apr 30 2009

       we need to finnish this soon.
po, Apr 30 2009

       <placeholder for Scandinavian pun>
hippo, Apr 30 2009

       How are these annos germane to the idea?
shudderprose, May 01 2009

       They're not. Well, not now that goldbb has corrected the typo in the idea title.
DrBob, May 01 2009

       <Resolves to leave the puns to the experts>
shudderprose, May 01 2009

       [Shudderprose], they may not be germane but they are at least silane to the idea.
nineteenthly, May 01 2009

       OK, now I read the actual idea for the first time - and it sounds fun :)
phundug, May 01 2009

       Yes, the actual idea is good too. I particularly like the retro packaging, which reminds me of Worth1000.
nineteenthly, May 01 2009


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