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Historical Package Moth

Act Now !
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Every month a package will arrive at your door with another Historical Moth. These will build up into your own prestige museum-quality collection of heritage Lepidoptera, each with its own beautifully printed name-card and wooden display- case. Subscribe to Historical Moths now! Issue 1 £2.99, issues 2-50 £17.99 each. Free set of moth tweezers with issue 1. -Hippo
fishboner, Aug 24 2010

Historical_20Package_20Month [hippo, Aug 25 2010]


       Why //-Hippo// ? A hippo is not a moth, and therefore would not be expected anyway.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 24 2010

       The wooden display case accompanying the hippo would be large enough to repurpose as a garden shed, so I'd consider subscribing, but only if I could know the sequence of deliveries in advance. If the hippo case is early enough in the set then I might get a bargain shed and be able to cancel my subscription, but if it comes late the cost would be greater than just buying a shed from a shed shop.
Tulaine, Aug 24 2010

       Maybe I wrote the idea, and signed it "-Hippo". However, I don't remember doing this.

[Edit: I was sort of joking just there, but a quick search reveals that this is an annotation I wrote on another idea. How embarassing.]
hippo, Aug 25 2010

       It's not plagiarism when the authorship is attributed to me - at least, not "shameless" plagiarism - it's just weird.
hippo, Aug 25 2010

       how very odd. nice idea, [hippo]   

       was this related to the finnish moth idea?   

       (edit: apparently not)
po, Aug 25 2010

       The great idea should not be doomed to obscurity just because Hippo is not adept at credit-claiming. I just wanted people to appreciate the invention.
fishboner, Sep 25 2010

       barring an explanation as to how moths are "historical", I'll just cancel my subscription after the introductory hippo.
FlyingToaster, Sep 25 2010

       I think he meant "hysterical"... which could mean they're trapped inside a window or that they're suffering a short-term mental illness?
infidel, Sep 25 2010


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