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Egg Hardness Meter Stamp

Printed gauge indicates soft boiled, medium or hard boiled.
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Inspired from swimswim's clever idea of a hard boiled egg indicator stamp indicating hard boiled or not, the next level of this where you have a little printed thermometer or gauge graphic that changes depending on how long it's boiled indicating the state of the egg from "soft boiled", "medium hard" to "hard boiled".

The indicators dissolve in boiling water at different times allowing the graphic on the egg to change depending on how cooked the egg is.

doctorremulac3, Nov 24 2022

Inspired by this idea. Hard-Boiled_20Egg_20Indicator_20Stamp
[doctorremulac3, Nov 24 2022]

Egg Timer Kitchen Gadget Color Changing Boil Eggs Thermometer https://www.amazon.com//dp/B08NK6JCLY
[a1, Nov 25 2022]

This is what I mean by "stamp". https://www.zazzle....EAQYASABEgKBWvD_BwE
The gauge would be printed directly on the egg. [doctorremulac3, Nov 25 2022]

Hi-tech ink perfects egg boiling (2006) http://news.bbc.co....uk_news/5226338.stm
After cooking begins, an invisible, temperature-sensitive thermochromic print appears in black to indicate when an egg is soft, medium or hard-boiled. [a1, Nov 25 2022]

Oh, those sneaky devils! https://www.npr.org...php?storyId=5598862
They don't do what the BBC article said! [a1, Nov 25 2022]


       Ha, I made the exact same suggestion as an annotation to [swimswim]’s idea, then saw you had offered it here. Great minds think alike?   

       So I pulled my anno there and give you a [+] here.
a1, Nov 24 2022

       Thank you a1.   

       And happy Thanksgiving to you and all the other great Halfbakers out there!
doctorremulac3, Nov 24 2022

       what's a *bun her*?
po, Nov 24 2022

       Ink used to print expiration dates is not water soluble though, because washed off ink can get through the shell and contaminate the whites. So your indicator markings may need some kind of insoluble under-print.
a1, Nov 24 2022

       // bun her //   

       Typo, fixed.
a1, Nov 24 2022

       I thought it was the girly equivalent of Ben Hur.
pocmloc, Nov 24 2022

       The ink could also be heat sensitive to change color as well. Might take a little more research than the different boiling point inks but might be a better approach.
doctorremulac3, Nov 25 2022

       // The ink could also be heat sensitive to change color … might take a little research //   

       See link. I had one of those color changing egg timers decades ago. Though not painted directly on the eggshell in that example, methods for changing color with time & temperature are well established.
a1, Nov 25 2022

       //Though not painted directly on the eggshell in that example//   

       That's the whole idea, to have it stamped directly on the eggshell.   

       Tell you what, why don't you go check and see if that's been patented. Not a sticker, a direct stamp on the eggshell as clearly specified in my post.   

       If it has been, I'll take the idea down and you can give yourself a victory lap.
doctorremulac3, Nov 25 2022

       You seem to take an observation as some kind of challenge or insult. I'm simply pointing out something that might be useful to getting your idea made.   

       That block of plastic and HOW it changes color though really wouldn't do. The color change happens at a fixed temperature - and the "timer" is based solely how long it takes for the inside to get that hot.   

       But it points out a way to your version. Your sticker will require a non soluble strip with a soluble masking overlay. From end to end the overlay will need to dissolve at different rates, to gradually reveal more of the underlay.
a1, Nov 25 2022

       Let me know when you've checked if it's been patented. Leave the design to me.   

       This might make you feel good, I used to do a web search to see if something's already been done before posting it on the HB but I don't anymore. I know you'll drop whatever you're doing when you see a post from me and do an exhaustive search, something I'm not motivated enough to do. These are little sketches for me, nothing more.   

       So you're actually being very helpful. Thank you.   

       Use Google Patents, the Patent Office is a mess by comparison. And again, thank you for your assistance.
doctorremulac3, Nov 25 2022

       No need to look for patents - found an item in BBC news from 2006 (linked).   

       While it shows the general idea or printing an egg time on the shell itself - they took an opposite approach from what we were discussing. Instead of a layer that dissolves to reveal an underlay, it looks like UK version uses a single layer of markings that darken the longer the egg is cooked.   

       It got a lot of media coverage in 2006, but I'm guessing it didn't catch on.
a1, Nov 25 2022

       To be honest, I think this idea is very misguided. It almost reads like it is written for the lower classes. I mean, surely, this is a matter that is the responsibility of the housekeepers? They should ensure that your eggs are cooked to an appropriate degree of hardness or friedness without even needing to be asked. And to be honest no-one with any class would allow eggs with anythign printed on them at all into the house so that makes the idea die of embarearsement at the first hurdle.   

       Have a word with the butler or the domestic secretary if the problem persists.
pocmloc, Nov 25 2022

       Oh, most indubitably! That must be why it didn't succeed!
a1, Nov 25 2022

       And those sneaky devils! (link) The markings on each egg do not change to read soft, medium or hard. You buy a carton with all the eggs marked a specific way -   

       "...initially we wanted to have a logo that changed from soft to medium to hard so you only needed one logo on one egg, but that's a little bit further down the line. But we're still working on that and we'll still just making sure everything's right with the timings before we launch here in the U.K."   

       I wonder if they ever solved that problem. Also wonder how they ensure the printed side stays face up while boiling, so you can see it. The plastic block timers I linked earlier have a flat bottom for just that reason.
a1, Nov 25 2022

       Print on 4 sides, problem solved.
doctorremulac3, Nov 25 2022

       Yes, I agree they'd need more than one mark. I wonder if any of our UK participants can comment -- if they've ever used this product or even seen it in the market. I'm not finding anything obvious on <tesco.co.uk>.
a1, Nov 25 2022

       Could also have 3 pictures that sequentially change: sunny side up egg, soft boiled in a cup and hard boiled being held with salt being sprinkled on it.
doctorremulac3, Nov 26 2022


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