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Historical route planner

route planning for history
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FROM: Wobberthwaite, England
TO: Vernet-les-bains, France
DATE RANGE: 1 August 1911 - 1 September 1911

The system analyses digitised timetables, road maps, diaries and travel writings, etc. and suggests plausible ways that someone could have made the journey at the time specified.

pocmloc, Aug 13 2023

Travel in Times https://www.travelintimes.org/
Historic Journey Planner [a1, Aug 14 2023]

Oxford history department, travels in time https://www.goodrea...-oxford-time-travel
[a1, Aug 14 2023]


       Travel In Times (link) is supposed to do some of that, UK only and just a few time periods. But I’ve had trouble getting it to work. Seems to be stuck on its own start and end points and doesn’t let me enter mine.
a1, Aug 14 2023

       For some journeys travel would have been a fair bit quicker in the past, back when Pangaea removed the need for lengthy and tedious sea crossings
hippo, Aug 14 2023

       Fascinating [a1] Yes that is the kind of thing I imagined. Just needs timetables and also shipping timetables so you can travel overseas.   

       [hippo] sea crossings can be quicker and easier than overland if there are no roads
pocmloc, Aug 14 2023

       [pocmloc], you might want to contact the Cambridge history group who put that page together. See if they have those kinds of resources or would be interested in developing them.   

       Although Oxford has a much better history department for studying travels in time (link).
a1, Aug 14 2023

       How about an Hysterical Route Map…. routes selected by their capacity to cause hysteria on the part of those negotiating them.
xenzag, Aug 14 2023

       [pocmloc] Yes, that's true - I really meant that the journey would be quicker because there might be no sea between two points in Pangaea which today have, for example, the Atlantic Ocean between them
hippo, Aug 14 2023

       Hmmm yes I see your point. I suppose then if you start your journey early enough in the history of the Universe everything is just 0.1 second walk away.
pocmloc, Aug 14 2023

       Yes but because everyone's in the same place, the traffic would be awful
hippo, Aug 14 2023

       0.1 of a second? No, by that time the traffic was already getting chaotic. You really should seen the place before the protons and neutrons started moving in, around the first nanosecond.
a1, Aug 14 2023

       I'd like to see the 1665 version of this, with the route-finding algorithm having to find ways to navigate around towns and villages that had barricaded themselves against the outside world to avoid the plague, and the travel options available - stagecoach (avoid highwayman hot-spots - yes/no?), horse and cart, walking
hippo, Aug 14 2023

       Great if you want to re-enact "Around the world in 80 days".
MisterQED, Aug 14 2023


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