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Google Street View Wayback Machine

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What did this street look like 5 years ago?
hippo, Mar 11 2008

Similar time-lapse_20maps_3a_20chronocartography
[angel, Mar 12 2008]

http://www.historypin.com/ "The website acts like a digital time machine, and uses Google Maps and Street View technology to allow the wide public to dig out, upload and pin their own old photos, as well as the stories behind them, onto an interactive map." [swimswim, Jun 29 2010]

This now exists http://www.theguard...ture-in-street-view
- only six years after I posted the idea [hippo, Apr 24 2014]


       I didn't know that there was a street named Google.
skinflaps, Mar 11 2008

       + ...of course Mr. Peabody!
xandram, Mar 11 2008

       i thought street view was released just this summer. how could they have pictures from five years ago?
crazyrog17, Mar 11 2008

       I'm preempting someone posting this idea in five years' time
hippo, Mar 11 2008

       that makes much more sense....   

       i see.   

       good idea, hippo. [+]
crazyrog17, Mar 11 2008

       Speaking of Wayback, and pre-emption, I posted a very similar idea, recreating virtual worlds from the buildings that used to occupy a town, using CAD CAM. But I cannot now remember the title of the idea, nor exactly when I posted it.
DrCurry, Mar 11 2008

       Google's published policy is to *not* photograph military bases for their street-level views. They accidentally had a driver go into Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, with the cameras on, and uploaded the pictures to their database. The street-level pictures have since been removed.
jutta, Mar 12 2008

       Until recently, the Gooogle Maps view of my street was well over five years old.
angel, Mar 12 2008

       Someone simply must put together a Google: Pangea, for an older view. Might take some time to do.
RayfordSteele, Mar 12 2008

       My brother is currently trying to reconstruct some of the history of one neighborhood for his thesis (what businesses were where, when). It's proven extremely difficult, as the records are incomplete, inconsistent, etc. Having this idea going forward would definitely be useful. DrC's reconstruction would be very difficult.
MechE, Jun 29 2010

       Although this is an old idea, it should be mentioned that Google has baked this idea. There are historic maps and a timeline slider for old satellite photos in the current Google Earth.
Cedar Park, Jun 30 2010

       Hey [hippo] - I'm a few days late.   

       Can we get a google street view wayback machine?
Custardguts, Mar 25 2013

       [Custard] Yes you can - Google have just implemented it (see link)
hippo, Apr 24 2014

       I think that the folks at Google watch this site daily for good ideas. But then I've been diagnosed with a mental disorder in the past, that featured grandiosity as a symptom...
blissmiss, Apr 24 2014

       Imagine how crazily coolawesomeplusdoublefab this is going to be if it manages to survive till 2050.
skoomphemph, Apr 24 2014

       [blissmiss] // the folks at Google watch this site:   

       Of course! The creator of the HB works at Google now.   

       And, this is a great idea so it's very welcome.
sophocles, Apr 24 2014

       'Splains that then.
blissmiss, Apr 25 2014

       baked [+]
pashute, Apr 26 2014


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