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Google street view + LCD goggles

VR for street view
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Imagine we are watching google street view. It would be great if we are using LCD display goggles attached to computer to watch street view.

Now to look around we simply move our head around (as in VR) while wearing those glasses. A webcam connected to computer tracks our head movement. A sofware sends cursor movement messages to PC so that view on google street view changes appropriately, thus creating VR.

VJW, Jan 27 2011

VR on $5 a day http://www.cs.virgi...misc/news-vr2t.html
Randy Pausch pioneered building experimental VR systems on a shoestring budget--and gave a killer talk about that, too. Of course, now he's better known for the Last Lecture. [jutta, Jan 27 2011]


       Yes, this combination of two well-known things could indeed make for a clumsy, nausea-inducing interface to scrolling a panoramic image (that doesn't have depth information and can not actually be interacted with). But why bother?
jutta, Jan 27 2011

       Because it allows us to create VR for places all over world without extra hardware. A webcam + s/w + LCD display goggle should do the trick.
VJW, Jan 27 2011

       So, the LCD display goggles and the webcam are not "extra hardware"? You're building a VR system. Maybe you're building it out of more easily available parts than the standard stuff. More power to you if you can get it to work--the details can be tricky.
jutta, Jan 27 2011

       This is an attempt to have have a VR system, with what we already have. Most people do have a webcam, what is needed is LCD goggles.   

       Combining this with Google earth street view makes the whole world available to experience.   

       This is not a full fledged VR system, agreed, but this is better than nothing.
VJW, Jan 27 2011

       //This is not a full fledged VR system, agreed, but this is better than nothing// - I'm not sure this is true. I think a VR system which didn't present a 3D view and didn't present the extremely wide-angle view required by 'proper' VR systems would just be irritating, rather than offering an extra level of interaction. You'd have all the disadvantages of VR systems (e.g. you can't use multiple applications, you look stupid with those goggles on, you can't see where your mug of tea is on your desk, etc.) with none of the benefits.
hippo, Jan 27 2011

       //the extremely wide-angle view //   

VJW, Jan 27 2011

       Doesn't Street view have that ?
VJW, Jan 27 2011

       That's 1-D, Quest. Innit?
daseva, Jan 27 2011

       //as if you're stuck on a railroad track//   

       It is more than 360* view.You can see up and down as well.
VJW, Jan 27 2011

       I don't think you're getting a fair shake. While I would not use this product; I also do not watch Jersey Shore or care about Real Housewives. I am invariably in some kind of minority...or singularity. I can see someone using this product. Perhaps when seeking a suitable location to open a business in a distant region. You could practically stand in your potential location and acquire valuable information. There might be one, or maybe even two, other potentially positive uses. Alas- I'll leave those two up to you!   

       // this combination of two well-known things // Yup
KAGE, Jan 27 2011

       Thing is, this idea would expose large parts of Northern England (particularly Scotland) to embarrassment, since many of these regions are in fact still only 2D themselves. In fact, parts of Wales are still only in black-and-white.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2011

       //parts of Wales are still only in black-and-white.// _How Gray was my Valley_
mouseposture, Jan 28 2011

       Wonderful idea. I've tried similar things with NVidia's commercial 3D driver and 360 pictures texture mapped into a sphere. While not like actual 3D, the effect is cheaply obtainable and pretty decent. Since Google has all the data to generate true 3D scenery, this could work better than everyone who has commented here has imagined. Also, Google "novel view synthesis" (+)
cowtamer, Jan 31 2011


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