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Historically Reconstructive Linguistic Anthropology

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In order to counterballance the microsoftification of the language, start linguistic remediation -- instead of by assigning new meaning to old words through usage, as with "options" and "preferences" -- by assigning new words to old meanings with top-down remediation starting with Negro, Negroid, Niger, Nigeria, all of which relate to the PIE base *ne- "no, not" , to be changed to Posro, Posroid, Posra and Poseteria, from PIE *po "put, place,".
JesusHChrist, Apr 09 2011

http://en.wikipedia...o-European_language [rcarty, Apr 09 2011]


       Wonder what {no} thinks about this.
nineteenthly, Apr 09 2011

       She'd say "pot on!"   

       Fetching braces she's wearing!
spidermother, Apr 10 2011

       I've seen this done with the names of cardinal numbers when people wanted to construct apt-sounding names for use in duodecimal counting.
nineteenthly, Apr 10 2011

       On the one hand + for what the title implies but on the other - for the actual idea.
FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2011

po, Apr 10 2011

       How sure are you about that etymology, [JesusHChrist]? You do know, I hope, that Latin has *two* words for black and, of those two, "niger" is the one *without* negative connotations?   

       Also, in general, [-] for //It all starts with language//.
pertinax, Apr 10 2011

       "Ater" is Etruscan, "niger" IE, and means glossy rather than dirty black. Ater is more like smutty black or inky. Niger is the colour of obsidian or an LP.
nineteenthly, Apr 10 2011


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