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A word furthest from the word in focus
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Most people live in a bubble and consume media and knowledge within their bubbles reach. So how do you stretch the bubble surface and allow expansion of it's sphere?

If there was a language reference like synonym, antonym that expressed a word's multidimensional difference. A word furthest from the word referenced. A word across the other side of the language's universe.

Here's a try. chicken distantonym tesseract

Biological/ mathematical, living / abstract. 3D /4D . Not just opposite (fox) on one dimension but furthest away on as many dimensions as possible.

Really it's an attempt to find pairs of words that have very little logical or emotional pathways to each other. This could be a way open up spheres that are around certain concepts or words. So if you notice a word being used too frequently just throw in the distantonym.

I understandard that any random word could be a distantonym but usually a multitude of logic pathways may make some words closer than others. There are mutliple dimensions to analyse the words, size rhyming, emotion, meaning, type.

Of course for the polyglots, there's an even bigger universe of extreme distantonyms.

wjt, Feb 24 2018


       [it] the idea specifies that the words are not chosen randomly, but so as to be specifically unrelated.
pocmloc, Feb 24 2018

       the mechanism is precisely the proposition previously proposed.
pocmloc, Feb 24 2018

       The human mind is probably not the best to random up the furthest word because of limitation of neural mappings which is the very thing I'm trying to get away from. A random go with a dictionary is going to be the same because of the low probability of getting really far way.   

       I was just thinking about a method which included imagining a word relationship vector cloud. A thesaurus as a computational database of antonyms could show which words are furthest away, unconnected from each other but that would be only in the dimension of antonym-ism. Other formulas could then be codified and applied such as a word completing palindrome with the distantonym.
wjt, Feb 25 2018


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