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Songs that are on Tiger(tm) HitClips could be recorded on Cylinders
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Record hit songs on vinyl cylinders and sell them for $3 and sell a phonograph for $10. It would need no batteries and a four minute cylinder can play the whole song sometimes instead of 1 minute on the HitClip. The cylinder can be duped with fast PCM playback at 4-16x at the factory and would have a picture of the "clip" (now song) underneath the clear grooves. They would play on any 4 minute Edison phonograph and would also play on the stereo boombox sold by HitCylinders Inc. Stereo is acomplished the same way as an LP record, and would have two horns at right angles to each other. Just think you could be in the middle of nowhere where batteries cannot be found and there is no power grid. Then think of hearing Blu Cantrell sing Hit em' Up Style after winding up the phonograph. Also available would be Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Britney Spears and Destiny's Child.
Amishman35, Dec 17 2001


       The basic idea seems pretty clear to me --- sell hit singles as old-fashioned cylinder recordings, as a promotional gimmick.   

       Some googling informs me that "HitClips" refers to selling hit singles on small nonvolatile memory cards, which can be played on the (proprietary) HitClips player. Found at McDonald's, etc.
wiml, Dec 17 2001

       The main part? You know, where hit singles are sold as cylinder recordings? If it's baked, where can I buy them?
wiml, Dec 17 2001

       Fishbone for an idea which attempts to proliferate Nsync and Britney Spears.
cp, Dec 17 2001

       This idea of putting "todays hot artists" on vinyl picture cylinders is meant to compete with Tiger HitClips, which only hold a minute of sound. Cylinders, on the other hand, can hold 4 minutes. For even more money, you could have an electric cylinder recorder that records sounds from a headphone jack like the HitClips Downloader. Why not also have the Super Mario Bros. theme on 78? The anachronistic-ness of it would be cool.   

       If you don't know what a Cylinder is , then head over to www.tinfoil.com
Amishman35, Dec 17 2001

       Since I like Destiny's Child (especially as Beyonce gets madder and madder) and some of Britney's material, and I also like gimmicks related to music, I award this a croissant with a little groove etched in a spiral around it.
pottedstu, Dec 17 2001

       Why discourage songs longer than four minutes?
bookworm, Dec 17 2001

       Clever, but unnecessary. Just produce music PROMs with greater storage and a player powered by something other than batteries.   

       The reason this isn't baked already is that these things are just marketing gimmicks.
phoenix, Dec 17 2001

       But the impracticality of this idea makes it perfect for use in a marketing gimmick.
wiml, Dec 18 2001

       It's Uber-Baked
Mr_Thundercleese, Mar 09 2002

       To <Bookworm>: I found out that you can adjust the speed of wind-up phonographs/gramophones. You can actually get 4 minutes and 22 seconds at 160 RPM, 5 minutes and 50 seconds at 120 RPM, and 7:46 at 90 rpm. Perhaps the odd-speed cylinders can be different colors, or if a picture cylinder, a colored edge, to indicate what speed they should be played at...like Blue=160, Green=120, Red=90 RPM. The 200 LPI recording would be playable on an Amberola, and you could play Blue Amberol records on the HitCylinders boombox. Stereo recording is backwards/forwards compatible, as the mono signal on Blue Amberols is Vertical.
Amishman35, May 04 2002


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