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Hitch-Hike Handles for Cyclists

Hang on and don`t scratch the paint
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Every car should be outfitted with a very convenient little handle on the right and left-hand side that a cyclist, wishing to negotiate a particularly difficult intersection or simply wishing to whip along at 45-60 mph for awhile, could grab hold of. When the driver is unwilling to carry his parasite any further, he or she simply electrifies the handle via the onboard leeching cyclist electrification button.
rsn10588, Jul 20 2005

sad demise of the routemaster http://www.routemaster.lu/Rmrear.jpg
[po, Jul 20 2005]

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       left hand side?   

       rather than electricity, make it detachable on the end of a yard long retractable cord.   

       all very 'some mothers do have 'em'.
po, Jul 20 2005

       Cycle in London - the buses have convenient poles (the older ones, anyway). Of course, you can usually cycle faster than a London bus, so it may not be that much of an advantage.
DrCurry, Jul 20 2005

       I like the combination of convenience and electrification. I know some people like that.
bungston, Jul 20 2005

       <Shooting Stars>We Rilly wanna see doze fingerrrs!</SS>
All over the gutter and pavement!.
gnomethang, Jul 20 2005

       //When the driver is unwilling to carry // he simply refrains from installing such a handle on his car.
baconbrain, Jul 21 2005


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