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Safe hitch-hiking with GPS/web cell phone
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Potential hitch-hikers pay a deposit and register their details online, using verifiable ID.

Potential lift-givers are alerted on their GPS/web cell phone that they are approaching a registered hitch-hiker. They view the relavant details and decide whether to pick him/her up or not.

Hitch-hikers are rated by who picked them up - the more successful hitches and comments, the more likely they'll get the next ride. (Just like Slashdot)

Potential lift-givers will be advised that when a hitch-hiker has no ratings, he/she could, maybe, possibly be a psychopath with a sharp instrument.

For the first time since the 60's, people go out of their way to give folk a lift....

bast, Mar 20 2002

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       Should work in reverse too - the hitchhiker and lift-giver should rate each other, as either one could potentially be a psychopath with a knife. Mind you, any real psychopath would probably be able to rig the voting system.
hippo, Mar 20 2002

       Perhaps just match the psycopaths up with each other and thin out the numbers over time
dare99, Mar 20 2002

       Now [dare99], that's a clever idea.
hippo, Mar 20 2002

       ....wanna see something really scary?.......
rbl, Mar 20 2002

       Excellent idea. PeterSealy's angle could probably be implemented right now with a simple website.
PotatoStew, Mar 20 2002

       I wonder which group, historically, faces the greater risk: the hitchhiker or the driver?
bristolz, Mar 20 2002

       Historically I would guess hitchhikers have taken greater risks, because they are more desperate... Try standing by a Czech highway for 3 hours in pouring rain with a big heavy backpack, and you'll take a lift from anybody, however scary they look. Whereas the drivers can always just pass by. But on average - at least in Europe - I think drivers are as afraid of hitchhikers as hitchhikers of drivers. Best way to look "safe": travel in couples. Drivers are more willing to pick up young couples than young single men. And young women should not be hitchhiking alone at all.
herilane, Mar 20 2002

       Word to the wise: avoid Turkish lorry drivers at all costs. They don't seem to understand the concept of a free lift - try to convince one that you *really* have no money at four in the morning somewhere in Bulgaria while he waves a six inch hunting knife at you. The stories I've heard from women hitch-hikers are even worse.
mcscotland, Mar 20 2002

       Yeah, it's hard to convince them that you don't have what they're asking for, then...
StarChaser, Jun 01 2002

       Wow! It will never work, they said. Then Uber and Lyft became Billion dollar industries.
myclob, Apr 02 2020

       Wow! It will never work, they said. Then Uber and Lyft became Billion dollar industries.
myclob, Apr 02 2020


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