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Radio telephone

Combination car stereo head unit & cellphone
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You know those detachable-face head units for car stereos? How about a head unit that is also a cellphone?

The phone could use the speakers in the car to broadcast the other side of the conversation; it could turn the radio/CD down or off automatically when the phone rings I'm sure all this has been done already, but here's the piece de resistance: the detachable face of the head unit is a 'stand alone' cellphone.

It would charge its battery while connected to the car, and would give you a good reason to actually bother to detach the face - security bonus.

While I'm at it, I may as well add controls for the security system for the car, the house, the office, just so you can lose absolutely _everything_ at once.

Slag, May 08 2000

Unfortunately Detachable_20radio_...0_3d_20cell_20phone
One of these appears to be redundant. [Adze, May 09 2005]


       I like this idea. I like the concept of a cellphone assuming other functions in a context-sensitive manner.
hippo, May 08 2005

       It would be easy to upload and download music from the stereo in car or use phone as mp3 library to go with. cradled in the car you've got your music library, cradled in the home stereo, you've still got your music library.
I808, May 09 2005

       Wow, an idea first posted on May 8, 2000 gets its first annotation on May 8, 2005! Unless that's a typo, that would make the one in the link the redundant one.   

       Either way, I like it. [+]
Freefall, May 09 2005

       I admit - that's why I annotated it.
hippo, May 09 2005


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