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idiot alert

warns oncoming traffic of cell phone user
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These are small lights installed in your vehicles front and rear windows to warn other drivers, pedestrians, dogs, cats, etc. that the person driving the car is an IDIOT with a cell phone on! That way, you have been warned and need to pay closer attention because THEY aren't! The light does go off when the phone is disengaged, and changes color if the operator is extremely angry at something.
hotrodmama, Nov 29 2000


       The light better stay on if someone is listening to music, changing a tape or CD, eating, talking to a friend, nodding off, reading something, or if they have kids in the car.   

       Oh, and one for drunk drivers, too.   

       Everybody is an idiot at times. Let he who is without idiocy throw the first stone.
centauri, Nov 29 2000

       lets not compound idiocy by introducing attention needing gizmos into vehicles. You need far more attention while talking on a cellphone than to listen to a cd.
lyrad29, Nov 29 2000

       You might want to duck, centauri. My pitching arm works fine, and I've got a quarry full of rocks.   

       Now if you'd said 'let he who has never been an a**hole...' that might be different.
BigThor, Dec 08 2000

       I have an idiot detector here on my desk. It lights up and makes a noise...AKA "Telephone".
StarChaser, Dec 09 2000


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