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Holiday Shadow Mobiles

More than just the mobile.
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Moving decorations have become popular at Christmas - usually simple affairs, like deer that turn their heads back and forth using a simple rotary motor. Moving decorations could be designed to be hung in front of existing porch lights and outdoor floodlights such that they cast a moving shadow against a tree or house, or onto the street. Examples might include a cylinder with spiders that seem to race along the street, or a pumpkin with jaws that open and close.
bungston, Oct 31 2006


       Baked. Often unintentionally. I can remember a particular vibrating bat shadow on the back of an old shed that flipped me out.
daseva, Oct 31 2006


       Pictures [bungston] placing a terrarium on an overhead projector and shining it on the driveway tomorrow night.   


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