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Lenticular Image Shipping Container

twin image or twin coloured shipping containers
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Shipping containers are characterised by having sides structured in such a way as to be able to readily display two sets of images or colours simulataneosly, in the manner of a lenticular print.

Doing this results in the creation of the Lenticular Image Shipping Container. This means that two images may now be applied to a shipping container on alternative faces of the structural walls. Now depending on whether you look at the container facing from an oblique front to back view point or from a back facing to front orientation, you will see a different image, just as you do in a lenticular print.

There may or may not be practical uses for Lenticular Image Shipping Containers (I don't really "do" practical ideas on the halfbakery) but they would definitely be visually exciting.

xenzag, Feb 26 2023

https://en.m.wikipe...Lenticular_printing [xenzag, Feb 26 2023]

Lenticular Prints https://www.4over4....o-rule-the-3d-world
some examples of what's possible [xenzag, Feb 26 2023]

large scale lenticular example https://www.fespa.c...lenticular-printing
[xenzag, Feb 26 2023]

another good example https://www.google....di-contemporary-art
[xenzag, Feb 26 2023]

Technical specs of the corrugated side wall of a shipping container https://www.researc...ated_fig1_297889770
[pocmloc, Feb 27 2023]

Big Fucking Deal shipping containers https://sodabred.tu.../710500872901230592
quick models of the proposal [xenzag, Feb 28 2023]

For [hippo]s maze version https://www.starels...ustic-cement-tiles/
Like this, but rectangular? [neutrinos_shadow, Feb 28 2023]


       Display more useful numbers depending on whether you're a crane operator or a port/ship worker. [+]
Voice, Feb 27 2023

       See attached link for a nice drawing showing the shape of the corrugations of the side wall of a shipping container.   

       Because the inny and outy sections are not at 90°, and also becuase there is a planar panel between each inny and outy and between each outy and inny, this is more of an artistic challenge than a simple lenticular print type image.   

       We could describe the canvas as consisting of four types of surface. I was going to be technical and use names but instead we can just make a drawing..   

       (Viewpoint is from above in these drawings)   

       _/""\_/""\ etc.   

       So I think there are 5 different views, imagine standing in the centre of a line of containers.   

       \""\""\""\ - _""\_""\_""\ - _/""\_/""\ - /""_/""_/"" - /""/""/""/   

       All views leave the proud planar surface visible. Perpendicular view leaves all surfaces visible. Higher angles (closer to perpendicular) hide one side panel but still leave both recessed planar surfaces visible. Lower oblique angles hide both one angle and the recessed planar panel, and leave only the proud planar and one side surfaces visible.   

       I think there are different options here but that is up to the artist. One option would be to use the always-visible proud planar surface for some part of the pattern. Another would be to try and use some dull or neutral colour for the planar surfaces so as to allow the angled surfaces to generate 2 distinct designs (though they would combine when viewed straight on).   

       [+] for the idea and looking forward to proposed designs!
pocmloc, Feb 27 2023

       Thanks for outlining the technical details of the container side profiles. I was aware of them (hence the idea) but too lazy to post.
xenzag, Feb 27 2023

       There's probably some dull technical reason why a plain zig zag side wall is not suitable /\/\/\/\ (e.g. it would use 50% more metal or something) but the idea is definitely doable "as is" on stock containers. And designing patterns or schemes for stock containers is much more practical than trying to order new units that are structurally inferior.   

       There is a company that ships cylindrical tanks through Belfast docks (the cylindrical tank is mounted in a cuboid space frame so it can be handled as if it were a standard shipping container) and they have smiley faces on the shallow-domed ends of the tanks... so at least some people in the shipping container industry are up for a bit of fun.   

       I'm concerned, this idea is definitely on the "practical doable" end of your output!
pocmloc, Feb 27 2023

       [pocmloc], regarding the side-walls (I have no actual knowledge of this; just thinking logically); a "full" zigzag would use more material (all else being equal), & the folding would also be more awkward (the _/""\_/""\ pattern has quite "open" angles).
I might do more digging; it's an interesting question.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 27 2023

       I'd like to see shipping containers painted with just one letter on the side, so that crane operators in ports can amuse themselves by stacking the containers to spell rude words.

Or maybe each container should have a maze segment painted on it with exits at, say, 6 predefined places on the side of the container such that when they're stacked up they join to make a huge picture of a maze/labyrinth
hippo, Feb 28 2023

       Very good..... I made a proposal for a set of 3 large words being cut into shipping containers a few years ago but no one would do it..... must post some pics of the model. (link) I made the work when a certain person (who's name cannot be spoken) tried to solve every problem in the entire world by "making a deal".
xenzag, Feb 28 2023

xenzag, Feb 28 2023

       [hippo] maze segment - brilliant!
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 28 2023


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