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Hollywood Car Disposal

Your car's dead. Let it go out with a bang.
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Almost every car will have to make the eventual journey to the junkyard.

Instead of the usual haul-it-onto-a-flatbed-and never-see-it-again type of disposal that is commonplace, I propose a method with more pizzaz.

You are first filmed in your non-moving car with a fake backdrop swerving left and right and then you hands quickly cover your face as you shreik in horror.

Your car is hauled (or driven if it still runs) to the top of a steep hill. The company then loads up the car with remote controlled explosives. The car is then pushed (empty) over the cliff.

The car first starts slowly, as the hill inclines, then gathers speed, breaking brush and small trees as it descends. The angle increases and your old jalopy is now skipping across boulders. The pyrotechnician then presses the button, and *BOOM*, your car explodes in a giant flame ball as it crashes to the valley beneath.

The action is caught by several remote cameras, and then is edited together with your static footage and presented to you in your choice of media.

Of course, the company owns the lot at the bottom of the cliff. This is the location of the scrap yard.

Cedar Park, Oct 18 2005


       Yes. For any one of a number of reasons.
wagster, Oct 18 2005

       Cool, I'd like to have a go, over and over and over again until my dislike of cars is cured.
skinflaps, Oct 18 2005

       I watched the original "Italian Job" the other week, and wondered if today the film company would get permission to drop cars into Alpine rivers.
No, I'm sorry, bone for spreading recyclable or toxic materials around the landscape.
coprocephalous, Oct 18 2005

       But [copro], they all end up in the scrap yard just like they do now.
wagster, Oct 18 2005

       It's a good idea, but it didn't need to be. You had me from 'pizzaz'. [+]
hidden truths, Oct 18 2005

       Yes, I like pizzas too, but if you take a car to the scrapyard on a flatbed, you've got all the toxic and recyclable materials in one place. Bounce it down a hillside packed with C4 and that stuff goes everywhere in little bits, and makes it even less economical to collect and deal with. Plus, SFX guys usually beef up explosions with extra diesel or petrol to make them look more impressive, so there's even more waste.
coprocephalous, Oct 18 2005

       You say that like it's a bad thing.   

       Where, oh, where is .875?
thumbwax, Oct 18 2005

hidden truths, Oct 18 2005

       8th of?   

       <waves to wax>
po, Oct 18 2005

       Indeedly do, 8th of 7, po... *waves*
thumbwax, Oct 18 2005

       Would that not be 1.14285714?
bristolz, Oct 18 2005

       Baked. Hollywood already buys cars destined for scrap heaps for use in movies and blows them up. The only different spin here is to do it for an audience of 1, which is just wasteful. I'm with coprocephalous on this one.
sophocles, Oct 18 2005

       an eighth of seven - not 8 ÷ by 7.
po, Oct 18 2005

       //Where, oh, where is .875?
thumbwax, Oct 18 2005 //


Life is good again! Oh, and props for the exploding idea, [Cedar Park].
AfroAssault, Oct 18 2005



       lets hope he is waving, not drowning...
po, Oct 18 2005

       Well, that's your interpretation, [po]. Mine is that he is THE 8th of 7, not AN 8th of 7. The eighth seventh, if you will.
bristolz, Oct 18 2005

       Somehow, I KNEW Afroassault would come back for this one. Not to insult Cedar Park, but, my favorite exploding ideas are Afro's.   

       Hey AA: What happened to the exploding cell phone idea? That was one of my favorites.
sophocles, Oct 18 2005

       Hey all <waves>. My ideas (and comments) have been out of town for the last year. This idea was the result of too much James Cameron films.
Cedar Park, Oct 19 2005

       //Hey AA: What happened to the exploding cell phone idea? That was one of my favorites.//

I lost that in a bet with Regis Philbin. That asshole always brings it up at parties.
AfroAssault, Oct 19 2005


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