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Holographic Aquarium

taking the use of 3D displays a little further than corporation and government official slides, and bringing an aquarium to a cat-friendly state
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I expect the outcome of holography for the vast majority of population will be a little more than improved television sets. A really sophisticated 3D display resembling an aquarium would perfectly replace the common bowl filled with water and live fish. With controls for choosing the name of each fish, adding/importing/editing new custom made or extinct species, enlarging the innocent goldfish and reducing the scale of the dangerous piranha, the display becomes an item you think about when you miss home. With voice recognition, the aquarium waits for your command to feed the fish, give names, freshen the water, it gets really easy to use. Its electric field sensors give it the capability of establishing your hand’s exact position above the display and simulate the descending of fish food from that point if you desire so. Some species (in case you order a really large aquarium or in case you command a species’ shrinkage), like dolphins, can even take orders and do tricks if you addressed them nicely and fed them as a reward.
sweet, May 02 2006

Heliodisplays http://www.io2technology.com/
[putterling, May 03 2006]


       I remember those short, white holographic arcade games with the hot chick reading off of a script. You used to make make her shoot bad guys and travel through time. The game was horrible, but the technology alone made it worth playing. But don't those holographic-type displays require a dark environment so everything can be seen?
Letsbuildafort, May 02 2006

       yes, when holography first came out, it kinda` did. but with enough power output, you can make a hologram be visible anywhere. i guess that just it ajusts luminescence automatically in order to match the environment.. not a hard thing to establish after just programing a lot of fish..
sweet, May 02 2006

       Heh. I like it anyway. [+]
Letsbuildafort, May 02 2006

       There's a hologram technique (or whatever it is) that doesn't need a dark room to work properly, called the Heliodisplay. See link.
putterling, May 03 2006

       A holographic aquarium? Sheesh, if I can get holograms, I want the fish floating freely through my house (/office), unfettered by artificial constructs like walls or ceilings or floors.
DrCurry, May 03 2006

       thx [putterling]. unfortunately that's just a 2D in thin air display. 3D displays haven't come out yet on such a wide market.   

       [Curry], technology doesn't allow dislpaying holograms inside inhabited space because of hazards like.. the inhabitants ending up with their brains toasted. sorry
sweet, May 04 2006

       sweet: we're talking about a hypothetical technology here, so it can damn well do whatever I want. If the display technology is hazardous to living matter, then it can figure out where I am and avoid me.   

       (And I note that the 2D display putterling refers to is shown against a human hand, so it can't be that hazardous.)
DrCurry, May 04 2006

       no you can't do whatever you want. an electromagnetic field can't "avoid you" like it did this morning with that chicken i put in the microwave oven until he got so bored he asked me to take him out and at least give him a smoke.   

       the technology isn't hypothetical, it's just too expensive. im trying to find a relevant link for this. all i've got so far is something about some japanese focalizing laser beams in certain points in order to turn air into plasma. equal hazardous.
sweet, May 16 2006

       This would work just as well with a 'standard' 3D display rather than a holographic one. With today's tech, the colours would be far better too. See my article on "3D LCD display" for how to build one - a fishtank would be a perfect enclosure - one screen at the back, one facing down from the roof, and the 45 degree mirror going from lower front to upper rear edge.   

       OK, the drawback is you have to give your visitors polarized specs, but in a few years when we all get polarized eyeballs fitted at birth, that'll stop being a problem ;-)
gtoal, May 18 2006

       gtoal, that's not 3D. how exactly is that 3D? i see that IO2 - [corporate brand] - (that's putterling's link) baked what you said there, but... how is that 3D ???
sweet, May 20 2006

       Pink tentacle is the name of the technology I think.   


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