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Home Occupancy Simulation Software

Just like the real thing ....
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In order to deter burgulars, many households have lights on timer systems that randomly switch lights on and off during the evening. Others leave a radio on. But all these options have the disadvantage that they are simple, repetetive, and unconvincing.

However, with the advent of more sophisticated home computer/multimedia systems, the possibility exits for a whole new range of "deterrent" sound simulation.

Simply, when going on holiday, leave the multimedia PC on, connected to its speakers, and with the BorgCo HomeAlone software running.

The software has access to a very extensive library of sound effects, and can access more via the Internet. What is does is mimic the noises in an average house during and average day. For instance, the day might start with the sound of children fighting, the washing machine, and a radio playing, all at once. During the day there might be quiet periods interspersed with the sound of a vacuum cleaner or a dog barking, and the TV. Late afternoon, the noise of kids playing on a video game, more dog barks, a couple having a row, and plates breaking. Doors slam; one of the children is in tears. Upstairs, a stereo starts playing Heavy Metal music, far too loud; after more shouting, the music is turned down. The toilet flushes; a phone rings twice, cuts off part way through the third ring, and an animated conversation can be heard.

Later on, another argument about whether it's bedtime or not,more crying, and the finally the TV being turned off.

Of course, if you don't like your neighbours, you can just leave the thing on top volume and go away for three weeks ......

8th of 7, Jun 28 2008

Randomaster http://downloads.zd...t.aspx?docid=232201
Free PC program to play a random file from a list at a random time during a fixed interval (like once an hour). It's good if you want sounds of barking dogs, persons walking, closing cabinets, etc. But you can't set up the sounds of a daily routine. [Amos Kito, Jun 28 2008]




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