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Dimmer Film

Adhesive film to dim LED displays
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Many products are sold these days with LED displays or power indicators that can light up the entire room. Cable TV boxes,receivers, microwave ovens, computer power lights and many other electronic items without dimming functions are to blame.

Dimmer film is a package of tinted transparent film with a non-permanent adhesive on the back. The package has a selection of panel sizes and tints for different applications in the house. Simply cut to size (if necessary) and stick it over the offending brightness to dim, but not obscure, the display.

An added accessory might be black double-backed foam 'donuts' for placing film over power LED's.

Cedar Park, Mar 30 2011

Light Dims http://www.lightdims.com/
This company contacted me before they came out with this product. They saw it here first. [Cedar Park, Jan 21 2013, last modified Aug 19 2013]


       Clever way to repackage automotive window tint. [+]
ed, Mar 30 2011

       Mrs P uses “Black” acetate sheets for this exact purpose, but they are vanishingly hard to source - currently using scuffed ones from about 6 years ago. Most acetates have a colour tint which makes them much less usable.
pocmloc, Mar 30 2011

       You could potentially sell phosphor coated sheets to turn annoying blue LEDs into retro red ones!
mitxela, Mar 30 2011

       [+] I bunned this because I would like a large piece to put over the annoying fluoresent lights that are right over my head at work!
xandram, Mar 30 2011

       when I try to sleep in a hotel room I often need to go around sticking books or socks over all the flashing LEDs.
sqeaketh the wheel, Mar 30 2011

       [squeaketh] your prescription to OCD Minutely (Previously OCD Daily) is in the mail... And, no, we don't know where your other prescriptions are, but you might want to stop washing your hands. They're bleeding.
daseva, Mar 30 2011

       Two small pieces of film placed over the eyelids should suffice for this. Alternatively, one could use very heavy eyelid makeup, which would also look great.
bungston, Feb 24 2012

       [pocmloc] //hard to source// Photocopy an all-black image onto acetate? Did it years ago, assume it would still work with modern machines.
mouseposture, Feb 24 2012

       There are at least two basic types of LED display. There is the type where LEDs are used, instead of Cold Cathode Fluroescent lights, to provide the illumination for a computer monitor or TV.   

       And there is the type where an array of LEDs is the actual display.   

       So far as I know, all monitor/TV currently have a Brightness control. And LED displays brag about having a greater brightness **range** than displays lit with fluorescents. So, no dimmer film needed for them.   

       Regarding the other type, the brightness of an LED depends partly on the voltage supplied to it. It would be much better to add a voltage-control, than to use a film dimmer, because **any** LED that is powered at less than its maximum rate will last lots longer.
Vernon, Feb 24 2012

Kansan101, Jan 22 2013


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