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Homer Lamp

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A modifed version of the Homing Lamp, the Homer Lamp has a round, yellow lampshade over the top, and whenever it bumps into something, it cries out "D'oh!". It also uses an advanced object recognition software to detect such things as beer, pie, nachos, and Halfbakery Add-an-idea pages. Upon detecting the presence of the first three, it says "Mmm.... [insert subject matter]...." in the voice of Homer Simpson. Upon detecting the presence of the latter object mentioned above, it says "Now remember, in this house, we obey the laaawwws of thermodynamics." in a helpful, cheerful tone.

[Marked-for-Expiry] couldn't resist... sorry!

21 Quest, Dec 06 2009

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       <guffaw> for the picture, but [mfe] seconded.
FlyingToaster, Dec 06 2009


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