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guiding lights installed in your nose
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Nostrilampus are two powerful, cold running lights that you install in your nostrils. They are held in place using a modified version of the type of flexible, clear plastic apparatus that hospitals use to supply oxygen to patients. This tubing also contains the power leads supplied from a battery pack, along with a cooling jet of air to prevent the nose from overheating.

The lights point permanently downwards, focusing just ahead of your feet, thus illuminating your pathway in life. In future, when folk say to you: "You should try to look into your future direction in life", your confident reply can be: "No need - I'm happy enough to follow my own nose"

xenzag, Nov 05 2005


       How bizzare. I think you just tried to fit as many semi-related puns into one idea, with no real thought as to whether it would work. Bun.
dbmag9, Nov 05 2005

       All of the other spelunkers
used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Randolph
join in any caver games.

       Amazingly stupid. (+) On a par with those lights they use around the helmet of some SF movies, that make it impossible to see out, but very nice for seeing in.
ldischler, Nov 05 2005

       If someone with facial hair were walking towards you in darkness wearing these, all you would see is a small hairy creature with a large mouth and glowing eyes on top of its head, floating through the air.
Shz, Nov 06 2005

       "Hand over your wallet or I'll punch your lights out!"
Adze, Nov 06 2005

bristolz, Nov 06 2005

       And in allergy season? Drip, drip, <sizzle> Ouch! Drip, drip, <ZAP!> OW! Drip, drip, <BZZZZT!> <clunk>
SledDog, May 22 2006

       [+] but baked... Rudolph.   

       [edit: dang [2fries] beat me to it]
FlyingToaster, Dec 07 2009

       So, not the farseeing prophecy guy then?
normzone, Dec 07 2009


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