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Honest face -> new place

Give microcredit loans to AI-screened people that will repay so they can get out of abusive situations
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I read about “microcredit finance” at the developing world. Simply put, comparatively tiny loans to people who would otherwise be out of the banking loop. One hypothetical application is $40 of bulk inventory for a market stall.

I also read that quite a number of people at the developing world during the 20th century experienced intimate partner harm.

One new application of microcredit could be microcredit finance to get people out of abusive situations. People could be AI/software screened as to their likelihood of repayment, then anyone passing could instantly get Bus or cart-fare and a place for a month optimally in a new town.

That group is screened as to likeliness of repayment.

The software could possibly do personality test screened or AI facial recognition forms of behavioral character screening to prequalify loanees.

The behavioral correlation with face structure at AI is published. Also, China says it can predict lawbreakers from facial characteristics.

All that the lenders have to do is verify that the repayment screen causes higher repayment ratios than their existing microcredit enterprises.

If rescuing an abused person has better repayment rates than loaning to get market-stall inventory then the anti- abuse microcredit can grow from its market advantage alone.

Also, because it is software or AI the microcredit company can set the threshold (even if it just the upper 10% of AI honest faces) at a figure that is better than the current microcredit repayment figures.

Even if this provides a ready-rescue to only the most honest looking 10% of the abused population that could have represented millions of people getting out of trouble during the 20th century at the developing world.

beanangel, Jan 24 2019


       //China says it can predict lawbreakers from facial characteristics.//   

       So did a famous historical villain but I don't want people calling Godwin's law on me so I'll pass.
doctorremulac3, Jan 24 2019

       Find ‘at’, replace all with ‘in.’ Much better.
RayfordSteele, Jan 24 2019

       Quite right; no-one respects Godwat's Law.
pertinax, Jan 24 2019

       How will they prove they're being abused? Or is a claim of such sufficient?
Voice, Jan 24 2019

       //The behavioral correlation with face structure at AI is published. Also, China says it can predict lawbreakers from facial characteristics.// "Published" simply means that someone has written it in a public way. If you're looking to China for social engineering skills, leave me out.   

       The most successful con artists are the ones with the most honest faces.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 24 2019

       Then how do you explain Boris Johnson?
RayfordSteele, Jan 26 2019


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