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Holographic sparkle concrete

It looks like a pushmower/Segway but what it does is laser etch sidewalks so they sparkle like opals and holograms; as durable as the minerals and rocks of the concrete
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Lasers, using a diffraction grating, can etch holograms onto things. Some holograms are Ooooooh! 3D, others are just aesthetically beautiful tessellations. Who knows, some people might just go for opalized pebble look.

The lasers that do the etching are at a push mower form /Segway/Robot and the area being microetched is safely distant from human vision.

Anything from prettier than not-so-terrible sparkle concrete that already exists to potentially gorgeous things that make 9 out of 10 people say, "I like it, it's art."

Works on sideways "big gray walls" as well

Slight nonoptimality; laser engraved microrulings, diffraction gratings, will change color with viewing angle. Its still basically a hologram sticker made of stone/concrete.

beanangel, Dec 16 2020

Street-Printing Tricycle http://www.douglas-...cle/tricycle.htm#sp
Prior Art, ancient and modern ... [8th of 7, Dec 16 2020]


       I want to like this so much... but how does diffraction grating make holograms?
Do you mean like a lenticular display?

       [+] the picture of a guy mowing the sidewalk, creating a rainbow surface behind, made me smile.
FlyingToaster, Dec 16 2020

       [2 fries]: I probably got the terminology wrong. If you have ever seen those mylar hologram stickers those are also diffraction gratings. SImilarly if you have ever seen the surface of a CD, rather than being a hologram that is just a microdiffractive surface.   

       If you like think of putting little laser engraved lines the size of CD pits all over the minerals in sidewalk material. One possible version.   

       As to the brightness or microlined (diffraction grating) concrete I am encouraged by the fact that the keratin of the peacock feather is not a mirror just white.
beanangel, Dec 16 2020

       Someone will use this for cheesy advertising* but [+] nonetheless.   


       *Most likely a dairy products company.
8th of 7, Dec 16 2020

       I like the idea, but I wonder about the longevity of the engraving. Small details will get worn away pretty quickly (or fill up with crud...); unless less the idea is for it to be transient?
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 16 2020

       For transient stuff, you can print with chalk.   

8th of 7, Dec 16 2020

       How much porosity would it tolerate?
RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2020


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