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Inflatable fist

for the man with low sexual aspirations
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Everyone knows about blow-up dolls. But what about the poor sap (no, it's not ME!!! =) whose esteem is so low he doesn't rate himself worthy of even a woman in latex form? The answer: an inflatable (or latex) device in the shape of a hand curled 'round just so.
c-chris-c, Apr 10 2001


       When I saw inflatable fist in the culture: sex section, I thought it was something much worse.
Op, Apr 11 2001

       so did I, but I suppose it could be, even still. <P
absterge, Apr 11 2001

       For some reason I get a lot of unsavory catalogs sent to me in the mail. (who me?) Anyway, I have seen on more than one occasion this 'fist' thing. Some are inflatable and others are made of hi-tech silicone rubber. I think they have been around at least since 2001.
Cosmo, Sep 02 2003

       <giggling uncontrollably>
gomer, Jul 25 2008


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