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Reciprocal Eating Arms

Two extra arms with forks on the ends!
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Just a while ago, I got hungry, so I ate. As I ate, a certain someone reminded me to not eat with my fingers.

Alas, a fork does not give you the dexterity of fingers, and eating with your hands is so much more satisfying!

So I wandered back to the 1/2bakery and was hit over the head by an idea.

A pair of gloves, and a vest with extra arms coming out of them. But instead of a pair of hands on the end, there were a pair of forks. Yes, I said "forks". Stick your hands into the gloves and begin!

Worn like a jacket, Reciprocal Eating Arms allow you to grasp your food in an unprecedented way. Move your fingers, and the tines of the fork (five, so you dont have to cut off a finger) reproduce your motion, becoming little fork hands.

Make pseudo-motions of grapping your food, and the the third and fourth arms really do grab your food and bring it to your mouth!

DesertFox, Sep 29 2005

Fork Hands Fork_20Hands
The inspiration (Thanks lostdog) [DesertFox, Sep 29 2005]


       I apologize for the same-name type thing.   

       I sort of blended the backrub machine with forks-for-hands.
DesertFox, Sep 29 2005


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