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Hoops Directory

Nationwide directory of basketball courts
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I'm an avid recreational basketball player, but the problem I have is finding a decent court (and competition) while I'm on the road. I'd like to start a user-maintained website of basketball courts all across the country. Imagine entering your zip code or address, and finding a list of courts in your area, which you can sort by level of competition, number of rims, whether it's indoor/outdoor, number of full/half courts, court condition, and any number of other factors. To submit a review of a court, you'd enter the zip code or address of the court, and select values for each of the criteria listed above.
pknight319, Jun 09 2003


       ratemyhoops.com, perhaps.
DrCurry, Jun 09 2003

       Also, knowing if they had real nets or chain or the woven cloth things would be nice. +1 Was that a joke, Dr.? There's no site with that name, says I with the egg on the face.
goober, Jun 09 2003

       rent-a-game. a dial-up service which provides a mobile baseball court/cricket green/football pitch/tennis court (whatever) which travels to you wherever you are complete with full teams (any level of play) + coaches/physios/managers and water coolers and fresh towels and shower cubicles - night or day.
po, Jun 09 2003


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