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Basketball on ice
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This has been done before, although that was a long time ago. My suggestion would be that the players put on ice skates (dull ones), hockey helmets and football pads for this game. The name of the game is Iceball. The playing field is 5 on 5 just like basketball, however the playing surface of course is like hockey. The hoops can be installed at the rink's corners, opposite from each other. The playing surface I add is square shaped, not rectangle shaped. The shooting range is also like basketball, make lines for the perimeter, which in this game is 2 points and inside the area is 1 point. There are 4 periods of 10 minutes, and there is halftime. Overtime is just like hockey. Fouls are made when there is shoving,accidental hitting and accidental hitting below the belt. Fighting will get a player ejected, no penalty boxes. Foul tracking is like basketball. Fin.
5thdown, Feb 19 2005


       Being dull defeats the purpose of the skate.
Knife Knut, Feb 20 2005

       I'm glad you brought that up. I thought since sharp skates, if collided into another player, would do harm.
5thdown, Feb 20 2005

       //I thought since sharp skates, if collided into another player, would do harm.//   

       Ah, but wouldn't that be part of the fun? Maybe just provide some extra padding, or at least hand out moist wipes for the audience during the game for those nasty bloodstains.
Trickytracks, Feb 20 2005

       If you're worried about injury, then how about roller skates? As an added bonus, the floor can then be wood, which eliminates the costly refrigeration that would be needed three seasons of the year.
goldbb, May 11 2009


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