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Rumba Basketball

nets on the rampage
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In Rumba Basketball, the nets are attached to rapidly moving motorised platforms that run around the court randomly, but also periodically come to a complete halt for a few seconds.

This means that the players must not only chase after each other, but pursue the nets as well. All of the other rules of the game apply. The court markings are of course rendered irrelevant.

xenzag, Nov 19 2021

I give her a 10 https://www.newworl...dia.org/entry/rumba
But he's got a pretty good defense going there... [blissmiss, Nov 19 2021]

This should use "Flocking Road Cones" technology Flocking_20Road_20Cones
[hippo, Nov 19 2021]


       Mount the opposing team goal nets on the backs of each player
pocmloc, Nov 19 2021

       Definitely more exciting than Zoom Basketball.
RayfordSteele, Nov 19 2021

       You got this all wrong, you and basketball.   

       For me to have any interest the players must do the Rumba, (dance), whilst aiming for the basket. Since the Rumba is a dance that makes one stay in one spot, it would be just different angles to aim at the hoop.   

       The music would be great and the audience, I mean fans, could rate the players on style and grace while shooting. No more do we worry about a basket actually hitting the net.
blissmiss, Nov 19 2021

       //Definitely more exciting than Zoom Basketball//   

       Which, in turn, is more exciting than play- by- mail.   

       Could we integrate [blissmiss]' version with [xenzag]'s by having the pole with the basket attached to the back of a dancer? That would be really hard, unless the shooting player could anticipate the dancer's moves well.
pertinax, Nov 19 2021

       Oops, a dancer might get hit in the back of the head with a basketball a lot. That hurts. I know of what I speak.
blissmiss, Nov 20 2021

       OK, the dancers wearing the poles get big yellow helmets, like construction workers. It worked for Village People.
pertinax, Nov 20 2021

       Here's another one. Each team has a "goalkeeper" who carries the pole with the basket at the top. They can basically run away if one of the opposite teams approaches them with the ball, or they can run towards someone in their own team who has the ball.
pocmloc, Nov 20 2021

       I like. But I still think they should have to dance to get to a team member.
blissmiss, Nov 20 2021

       I think "randomly" would make the game virtually impossible. A repeating pattern (with complexity "with-in" the pattern, but predictably recurring) would be better.
Perhaps just 1 basket on court, & it's position determines which team the point goes to (whether the court is simply halved, or more complicated; a light on top shows it's "state")?
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 21 2021

       Clever. [+]
doctorremulac3, Nov 22 2021


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