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Be like a grasshopper: compressed air jump exoskeleton for legs.
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Ever walked on your favorite path, just to realize that it has been blocked by a 2 meter fence? No problem:

The exoskeleton releases the kinetic energy as you activate it by your jumping movement, and absorbs it back into potential energy as you land. Micropumps in your shoes recharges the lost energy as you walk.

Inyuki, May 31 2012

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       When I first saw the ads for Nike Air shoes I expected they would do something like this when you wore them. I went out and bought a pair. They were a failure, in practical terms... overpromised and underdelivered.
UnaBubba, May 31 2012

       So -- an opportunity for Nike to set things straight?
Inyuki, May 31 2012

       That would require a lot more lateral support than their shoes normally offer. They're not very stable, or good for your feet. Ask your podiatrist.
UnaBubba, May 31 2012

       Now I got it: one should market them as wearable trampolines, although it is a bit different idea than that of a wearable trampoline.
Inyuki, Jul 11 2012

FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2012

       //wearable trampolines// In which case, how are these not just bocks? The idea of accumulating energy between jumps is the novelty here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2012


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