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support those soft old bones with a shiny sleek exterior
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IF it's true that osteopororsis has a genetic link then I am headed for osteoporosis as I age. I know that I could minimize the dangers somewhat by weight training, eating less red meat, lowering my Thyroid suppliments to the point that I feel mildly exhausted all the time. But instead, I shall work on this engineering challenge. spring supported, lightwieght titanium,anodized in designer colors...
DragonMother, Dec 20 2000

Exoskeletons for Human Performance Augmentation http://www.arpa.gov...keletons/index.html
The gummint's been working on this since the late 60's. [rmutt, Dec 20 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Springwalker http://www.springwalker.com/
Wonder if this thing actually works as advertised... [rmutt, Dec 20 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Good pic waugsqueke, that froma classic movie caled Metropolis. And when I say classic I really mean classic, it is a silent film. I have it on DVD and it is really good. I have seen the roots of other films based in this one.
barnzenen, Dec 20 2000

       And it would keep klutzes of all ages from stubbing their toes.
nick_n_uit, Apr 04 2001

       + I've never seen Metropolis. I know it's on a list of 100 or so films that are considered significant to American culture. I'd like to see it, but just haven't yet.   

       Does it have something to do with exoskeletons?   

       There I was on the 5 yard line. 5 seconds on the clock. I was the DB defending the Unicorn. No one had ever heard of "the Unicorn" before the title game, but he was destroying all our hopes, everything we worked for. I didn't ask for this assignment, but no one else could do it.   

       The QB called out the hypnotic cadence and as in time to a symphonic break, the action began.
Everything moved in slow motion. Two steps back, The Unicorn turned and I stopped my backward motion. I felt a hand in my stomach plate push me backwards. I managed to recover and re-direct my backwards motion towards the Unicorn.
It was too late. The ball was already there. I reached my right hand up into the Unicorn's embrace to try and strip the ball, while at the same time, my left hand grabbed around the body plates of the Unicorns exo-armor.

       I was not strong enough to stop the Unicorn that day.
The Unicorn had won the game. He threw the ball down and in an old scratchy voice started shouting. During this shouting he reached up to pull of the Exo-armor's helmet off. I heard him shouting about - If I only knew anything I'd have stopped the Micheal Irvin tactic, but I wasn't good enough, I was a dumb young whipper snapper.
The helmet of the Unicorn finally came off and .....

       Grandma!!!!!? said I.
Zimmy, Apr 08 2006


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