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An exoskeleton, worn internally.
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By dint of inserting little iron filings with sockets on either ends into the blood stream, one could create a sub-dermal exoskeleton.

As a the flick of large 1930's style Frankenstein film type switch all the iron bits would interlock so providing extra rigidity to the body...handy for emergency situations or just when there's no chair to sit on.

Also handy for survival situations, simply suspend self from object with a handy liana and you would automatically orient north-south.

Comes with a set of XXX size airbags, to be affixed to your residence in anticipation of the next housing crash.

not_morrison_rm, Apr 21 2014

DeBoneAir De-Bone-Air
[theircompetitor, Apr 21 2014]


       Do tell where the ends of my circulatory system are...
Voice, Apr 21 2014

       about here and here <points>
not_morrison_rm, Apr 22 2014

       //exoskeleton, worn internally// sp. endoskeleton
pocmloc, Apr 22 2014

       sp. Transient ischemic attack
MechE, Apr 22 2014

       //exoskeleton, worn internally// sp. endoskeleton   

       I prefer subdermal exoskeleton, as it's above the bones, and just under the skin in the case of capillaries.   

       Obviously some of the veins and arteries are beneath the bones (ribcage) around the heart so I'd have to go for a "just below the skin but partly below the skeleton exo-endo-skeleton" which is just silly.   

       Should Ironperson cut themselves shaving, then it would be a part-exo-endoskeleton.   

       Anyway, being trialled on that singer of "Angel Eyes" Brian Ferrous.
not_morrison_rm, Apr 22 2014


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