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Artificial external muscle strap
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Over the kneecap is a protective layer that allows a strap to pull over it, enhancing the quadriceps muscle contraction, pushing the leg out.

The small motors sit on the strap itself, causing the strap to become a sort of external artificial muscle.

The contraction starts when you start pushing your leg out. and stops at a given maximum. This can easily be adjusted by changing the length of the strap.

pashute, Feb 19 2023

One of many https://web.wpi.edu...ive_Knee_Device.pdf
Google is your friend [a1, Feb 19 2023]

could better knee brace prevent replacement surgery https://www.massdev...eplacement-surgery/
[pashute, May 08 2023]


       Yes please! Save my knees by adding a secondary support
Voice, Feb 19 2023

       [a1] that link is interesting: there are no photos of anyone actually wearing/using the completed device. Maybe they ran out of funds?
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 20 2023

       That was one link of many I found on powered assists. Which is not to say pashute’s concept of “motor in the strap” has been done, just that there’s been some work on the overall concept.
a1, Feb 20 2023


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