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Horror Snacks

eat special snacks while watching a horror film
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Scratch and Sniff ideas are a fav of mine, and I'm still very impressed with the fact that even after 30+ years, my John Waters Polyester Film's scratch and sniff card is able to deliver faithfully all of its smells.

I now propose to extend this idea to embrace even more of the senses with a range of Horror Snacks. This one is specifically targeted at zombie films. Here's how it works:
The actual snacks are shaped to resemble the body parts being consumed in the film, and are all individually wrapped and numbered in the bag. Just as in Polyester, at certain key moments in the film, a numeral flashes up on the screen indicating the snack number to be unwrapped and eaten.

This is more likely to be something like an ear that has been torn from some unfortunate's head, but might also be a finger that requires a degree of gnawing. The texture and combined audience sound of the snack being crunched and chewed purposefully adds to the experience, with the film falling silent to emphasise the effect. Blood drinking is of course connected to the timed consumption of a drink injested via a specially engineered noisy straw.

Other food and noise interactions designed as contributory aspects to the genre are under consideration..... screaming is the obvious, but heavy breathing, nails scraping on doors, gasping for air etc may all feature.

xenzag, Jul 18 2021

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[xandram, Jul 19 2021]


       mmmmm lady fingers.   

Voice, Jul 18 2021

       "Thank you for keeping my toes so warm..."
4and20, Jul 19 2021

       One small step for man eating.
pashute, Jul 19 2021

       I found it surprisingly difficult to find foods with both taste and texture of real organs. Perhaps because, not that I would know, real organs are unpleasant to eat as they are.
Voice, Jul 19 2021

       It's more about the sound and timing action than flavour.
xenzag, Jul 19 2021

       All the gory candy is widely known to exist but I guess in conjunction with the scary movie I’ll donate a bloody bun…
xandram, Jul 19 2021

       Anyone up for the Silence of the Lambs? I'll bring the chianti...
RayfordSteele, Jul 20 2021

       This is really twisted. Way to go, frier xenie.
blissmiss, Jul 20 2021

       I already sneak meatloaf and ribs into the movie theatre and can absolutely confirm that people around me look at me with abject horror and disgust as I suck down my tasty snacks, very clever putting that to good use!
mace, Jul 22 2021

       ^ nice   

       //Way to go, xenie.//   

Now I can't get I Dream Of Xenie out of my head.

       ...should have been xennie   

       It's sort of fluid, really frier, it seems to change each time I write it. But if "xenie" bothers you, I'll make it frier xenie. hahaha
blissmiss, Jul 22 2021

       I'm not keen on frier xenie, and even less keen on friar xenie!
xenzag, Jul 22 2021

       Understood. Ha. I'll switch to zaggie, better?
blissmiss, Jul 24 2021

       grrrrrrrrr "zaggie" is worse. "xenie" I can live with if you must, but no "friar" or "frier" prefix malarkey.
xenzag, Jul 25 2021

       I will respectively bother you no more with my terms of endearment. I shall call you by your proper name, xenzag(y). (I tried.)
blissmiss, Jul 25 2021

       Xenie is ok. My cats call me that.
xenzag, Jul 25 2021


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