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Pop Muffins

Never burn muffins again. And forget about timers!!!
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Basically these r muffins that wil begin to make loud popping sounds when they are done. not really alot to say on this topic cep't i just burned a batch of muffins and they taste like coal so i thought this up.

Var.) Muffins that wistle when done.

bovinemilk, Feb 19 2004


       Okay, pops how?   

       You could put insulated popcorn in it....the amount of insulation would decide the timing. Of course, the corn would blow the muffins apart....
normzone, Feb 20 2004

       I like the idea exept for one thing. How on earth do you plan to get them to "pop" when theyre done?
TheMadScientist, Feb 20 2004

       An explosion of muffin matter inside my oven is worse than burning the lot. At least with burnies you don't have to scrape the oven. Boo honk. (-)
k_sra, Feb 20 2004

       //Of course, the corn would blow the muffins apart//   

Detly, Feb 20 2004

       On the one hand, having eaten commercially produced muffins that were still liquid in the center, I approve. On the other hand, don't tamper with my muffin, bov!
kropotkin, Feb 20 2004

       Just reading the title I was invisioning a muffing in a Britney Spears getup with a fake python wrapped arround it. I'm all about the 'splosions, but I'm inclined to agree with k_sra. "Its better to burn than to clean" in this instance ... [-]
Letsbuildafort, Feb 20 2004

       How about putting one of those turkey testers in the muffin? It would have to be modified so that it would make a loud pop when it went off.
GenYus, Feb 20 2004

       Fill the centre with gunpowder.
calum, Feb 20 2004

       Fill the centre with pop rocks.
yabba do yabba dabba, Feb 20 2004

       Make it carbonated.
k_sra, Feb 20 2004


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