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Hose Reel Hammock

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Hose Reel Hammock is a method of storing a garden hose that doubles up as a hammock with a cooling action.

It consists of a pair of end pieces which are suspended from two uprights in the usual manner. The hose is then threaded backwards and forwards between the ends, looping around sets of curved cleats. When complete the parallel lengths of hose form the main body of the hammock. Adding a securing cover net ensures that there is no separation which might otherwise occur along the hose lines, a possible cause of the user falling between the gaps.

Plugging the hose into a nearby water outlet completes the arrangement, as the hose swells to form a cooling support during the warm days. Hose can still function when in Hammock mode, but most people will simply leave it in situ.

Delux version harnesses the water pressure to power a gentle swinging action, and also massages the reclining user.

xenzag, Jan 10 2013


       Good use of space for dual purpose.
normzone, Jan 10 2013

       Reel genius. (+)   

       You're all very kind.... xx
xenzag, Jan 11 2013

       But wait, I said something really clever and witty about your idea first, and then it got deleted. So I should be included in the love fest. (Not really).
blissmiss, Jan 11 2013

       Not deleted by me bliss... but love fest is my theme for today all right.
xenzag, Jan 11 2013

       [+] ...and in summer, maybe a little water mist to cool one down. (esp. if having a love fest in the hammock!)
xandram, Jan 11 2013

       [+] running (cold) water through it would make it work quite effectively as a heat absorbing radiator. Laying on it with water running through it would cool you down on a hot day. Good idea
evilpenguin, Jan 11 2013

       cleverly placed pin hole can mask urination [+]   

       reminds me of a joke...   

       Yes sir I realize that everybody pee's in the pool. We're asking you to leave because your the only one who did it from the diving board!
Brian the Painter, Jan 12 2013

       Now why would you go and have to bring up the subject of urination when it has no relation to the idea as posted?   

       That pinhole should be far more cleverly placed.   

       Hey, this things for relaxing so pissing your pants is fully on topic.
Brian the Painter, Jan 12 2013


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