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Hoseline Clothesline

wet and dry are seldom apart
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Ah - the days of wine and hoses....

Hoses are usually stored on coils, and taken out when needed, but I have a better alternative....

Hoseline Clothesline is more or less permanently stored by being stretched between two uprights placed across the width of a garden, or balcony in the case of a small apartment.

When not in use to deliver water, it now doubles up as a convenient clothesline. It can do this because at regular intervals along its length there are moulded clothes pegs built into the actual hose structure.

xenzag, May 05 2020


       More readily useful than if stuffed in a corner. [+]   

       The hose material might degrade faster in the UV light when arrayed as described.
whatrock, May 05 2020

       I missed this somehow. This is actually a fairly good idea. The downside is that people run into clotheslines all the time and the rope is easy to untangle from around your neck. The hose may be a bit more robust, and difficult to dodge.
blissmiss, May 05 2020

       I've actually never heard of anyone becoming accidentally entangled around the neck with a clothesline. Are you sure this isn't an incident that took place in a James Ellroy story?
xenzag, May 05 2020

       Clotheslines have become somewhat rare... but where there are clotheslines, rest assured, necks happen
lurch, May 05 2020

       Think late-night, not completely sober, cutting through backyards to get home before you're found out...Worst-case scenario, you never make it home...EVER. (I was going for a Stephen King feel, but I'll go with James Ellroy, whomever he is.)
blissmiss, May 05 2020

       So not delicates on laddered delicates.
wjt, May 11 2020


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