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Hot Air Toilet

Because you need your privacy
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There is a need for toilet isolation (or at least the must be since the category exists).

Now, in addition to the public porta-potties located at sporting events, air shows and construction sites, there will be the Hot Air Toilet option also. It functions the same as a hot air balloon, but has one purpose, to get you up high enough that you have your privacy. It's tethered to the ground so you can't float away, and all up and down controls are located in the potty and you control them.

Enjoy the view while you go number two.

dag, Jun 14 2002


       Kind of redefines "release the ballast"
thumbwax, Jun 14 2002

       have you any idea, *really*, how silly you look up there? and whoops you have just lost the toilet roll......
po, Jun 14 2002

       [Blissmiss] When it rains it pours. Had a flying dream again last night, and poof, flying ideas.
dag, Jun 14 2002

       Ugh... Last mental image I needed was "pouring rain" from the Hot Air Toilet...
MrWrong, Jun 14 2002

       Interesting idea. Would you have to pay to use it?   

       If you tend to be afraid of heights, you'll have a place to throw up in, should the need arise...
polartomato, Jun 14 2002

       At least the gas need not go to waste.
phoenix, Jun 14 2002

       <peacock> [blissmiss] you mmisspeelleedd perdue <peacock>
phoenix, Jun 15 2002


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