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Multilayer ablative windshield

Explosive scarred windscreen surface renewal
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For cars. The glass in front of the driver, that keeps away the wind, rain, bugs and gravel kicked up by that vehicle in front you are tailgating.

Make it in layers sandwiched with a transparent, refractive index matching the glass, explosive substance. When the outer layer has gotten its fair share of gougings and scratchings and you decide that the visibility will be daffinitely be improved if it were clearer,

You press a button on the dash board, not but before taking off its protective cover and reading all the warnings that says "Take care please. Not to operate running road. Is recommended to follow safety precautions first." and that button turns on the juice from the battery to the two conductive coatings which surround the outermost layer of explosive and it detonates and the outer, scarred, useless, layer of the wind(shield/screen) disappears in tiny fragments and you can see clearly through a blemish free glass, clearly, once again.

Or, as buddha_pest has pointed out: "a multilayer glass plastic sandwich ... ten or twenty thin layers should do ; it's important that the plastic not adhere too firmly to the glass, and some sort of mechanism that could grab the edge of (only) the outermost layer of glass, compressing or twisting it, or lifting an edge of it ... something that would make only that top layer shatter, leaving the fresh clean surface of the glass layer below."

neelandan, Jun 29 2004

Nitroglycerine http://www.nobel.se...-work/nitrodyn.html
... Colourless when pure ... [neelandan, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       So - am I getting this right .. you want to put explosives in the windscreen of your car?   

       Also -- these explosives .. ok the front most layer of glass gets 'exploded away' -- but what's to stop the layer of glass BEHIND that layer of explosive also getting blown away?   

       Not sure society would really want the local vicar exploding bits of his windscreen in front of Mrs Miggins and her 3 year old kid 'cos it's got some bird poo on it' anyway!!   

       Sorry [-]
britboy, Jun 29 2004

       B L A A M Pf . . . tinkle.
neelandan, Jun 29 2004

       //"Take care please. Not to operate running road. Is recommended to follow safety precautions first." // Do the instructions have to be badly translated from Japanese? How about "All your glass are cleaning belong to us" as a company slogan?
zen_tom, Jun 29 2004

       Motorcycle racers use peel-off layers on their helmet visors. Anything to stop you using giant peel-off layers on your windscreen [neelandan]? Explosives are not sexy, in the hands of Joe Public.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 29 2004

       Ignore them, [neelandan]; it's a superb idea, worthy of many a pastry.
Oh and also, what [contracts] said. (Sometimes I'm self-contradictory; well, I am and I'm not.)
angel, Jun 29 2004

       Dear angelic soul, I see your feeling of worthiness has not manifested itself in a like action of actually clicking on the voting button.
neelandan, Jun 29 2004

       It's also magic--I don't know any explosives that are transparent, let alone have the same refractive index as glass.
5th Earth, Jun 30 2004

       [-] I didn't even read the idea. Don't even know what it is. I just gave you a negative vote because I don't like you. How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine?
Pocketassreturn, Jul 01 2004

       I'm sure he's horribly damaged by it.
bristolz, Jul 01 2004

       The idea is mine. I think it is great.   

       So far, two people have actually clicked on the "for" button. Eight have clicked on the "against" button.   

       In my opinion, the votes are just a side show and have nothing to do with the quality of the idea.
neelandan, Jul 01 2004

       Tabs linked to airbag deployment and you get showered in glass and hit in the face by the airbag...   

       neelandan the idea is flawed and impossible to the point of bad science, so -
engineer1, Jul 01 2004

       // the votes are just a side show and have nothing to do with the quality of the idea. //   

       I tend to agree with that. Love to get rid of them.   

       Got to agree with the bad science assertion too, though. You need to clarify how transparent explosives work, how the outside layer only is damaged, how a chain reaction is avoided, etc. Otherwise this is essentially magic.
waugsqueke, Jul 01 2004

       Exploding winscreens + motor cars +
skinflaps, Jul 01 2004

       Transparent explosive: hmmm . . . Nitroglycerine? <ducks and runs>
neelandan, Jul 01 2004

       Thanks, O meditative pesky one. I have incorporated the suggestions into my idea.
neelandan, Jul 01 2004


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