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Hot Potato

Genetically modified potato with hot pepper taste.
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Peppers and Potatoes are fairly close relatives, so Genetic Engineering between them should be relatively easy.

Modify potatoes so that the tubers include capsaicin so that when frenched and fried you get spicy chips! Yum!

Edit: Oh, fine. use fairly standard gene splicing techniques to insert the csy1 gene into the area of the potato genome responsible for starch production.

Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 18 2007

My inspiration! Peanut_20Butter-filled_20Apple2
Well, actually an annotation by [normzone] there is my inspiration. [Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 18 2007, last modified Jul 19 2007]

Edwardo Kac's dayglo rabbit http://www.ekac.org...html#gfpbunnyanchor
wonderful ! [xenzag, Jul 19 2007]

Spider Goat http://news.bbc.co....sci/tech/889951.stm
[zen_tom, Jul 19 2007]

Missing x http://www.newton.d...ole00/mole00043.htm
[normzone, Jul 20 2007]

Epee' http://en.wikipedia...wiki/%C3%89p%C3%A9e
[normzone, Jul 20 2007]

Careful with that X, you gene! http://www.youtube....watch?v=r3R2PgMiTvw
[jutta, Jul 20 2007]


       we do G_C but I think we avoid GM
po, Jul 18 2007

       yea, no, not really....
evilpenguin, Jul 18 2007

       See the help file, over there on the left under "meta".
normzone, Jul 18 2007

       <Dons best Schwarzenegger accent>   

       "It's Not A Tuber!"   

       This is what happen's when idiot's want to mess with nature! What next? A sheep crossed with a lemon so it's wool smells nice?!
S-note, Jul 19 2007

       What next? A sheep crossed with a lemon so it's wool smells nice?! - how about a rabbit crossed with a jellyfish ?
xenzag, Jul 19 2007

       Or a goat/spider combination?
zen_tom, Jul 19 2007

       [jutta] - genetic engineering is not magic. If you are going to MFD this, do it for pun or flavor.   

       Cross-breeding would probably yield better results.
nuclear hobo, Jul 19 2007

       The "magic" tag means not that the technology is actually magic, but that it is used "as" magic - it's complicated, the author doesn't know how to do it and really doesn't want to know; it's just fun to think about what would happen if it were possible. Mhhh, lemony sheep.   

       Hybrids might be interesting - both plants are of the nightshade family - except that peppers are fruit, while potatoes are, of course, tubers. What part of the combination are we planning on eating?
jutta, Jul 19 2007

       Damn. It sure has been an interesting day. My horoscope didn't say anything like this.
normzone, Jul 19 2007

       Potatoes store starch in the tuber, so if we insert the csy1 gene there, it should make spicy tubers.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 19 2007

       Fair 'nuff - I've removed the mfd.
jutta, Jul 19 2007

       does that mean I can revive my zebra fur, barking rat idea ? - (starts holding breath epectantly, as wall of gene splice ideas rises up edge of dam ready to flood valley below, with hundreds of unwary innocents fleeing in blind terror)
xenzag, Jul 19 2007

       [epectantly] - Does that mean you're holding your breath AND an epee' ?
normzone, Jul 19 2007

       I just found the missing x - thought it was a fly.
xenzag, Jul 19 2007

       Careful what you do with that missing x, it may be important (link).
normzone, Jul 20 2007

       Wow, [jutta], that took me back a few years.
normzone, Jul 20 2007

       These potatoes would make good french fries, and I bet fast food chains would market them as new "spicy fries".
dehodson, Jun 19 2008


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