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Hot Potato Football

Warmish Pigskin
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On bludgery cold days, it's quite difficult to throw and catch an ice cold football at the numbers consistently. This makes for overemphasized running games, lots of dropped passes, and "defensive struggles" where nothing is accumulated but field goals and injuries.

This ball uses reusable hotpack chemistry stitched around the inside of the skin, and is weighted and balanced to properly compensate.

Or if you prefer your own ball, use our heated ball thermal sleeve to warm up that flying ice brick.

RayfordSteele, Oct 19 2009

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       Gentlemen generally prefer their own balls.
normzone, Oct 19 2009

       Could you not persuade the cheerleaders to hold your balls to warm them up between plays ?
8th of 7, Oct 19 2009

       You're not meant to throw and catch it. It's called football, the clue is in the name. (unless all the players are barefoot with prehensile toes?)
pocmloc, Oct 19 2009

       To (attempt to) be serious for a second, I don't understand //it's quite difficult to throw a and catch football at the numbers consistently// - is this some subtle football terminology, of which I am ignorant?
pocmloc, Oct 19 2009

       Oops. Fixed. A quarterback will typically aim for the numbers on a player's jersey in order to have the most catchable ball.   

       I suspect that's also how cricket got its name, as the players spend most of their time standing around listening to them.   

       8th, you haven't seen our cheerleaders lately. They must've got a bargain on them.
RayfordSteele, Oct 20 2009

       you could always swap to playing Fire Ball Soccer! Also adds the element of danger to it. Basically the ball is on fire while you play.
penguin_tummy, Oct 22 2009


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