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Soften up those hard-hitting linebackers
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"Blue 42... Red 15... Hut...hut...hike!"

The ball snaps back to Brunswick Middle School's star quarterback, Jimmy McDuff. The offensive line surges forward to meet the oncoming linemen of their archrival, Knoxville Middle. Billy Johnson sprints forward, breaking through the line, into a wide-open space between the left end and the corner back. Jimmy, spotting the opportunity, tosses a perfectly spiraling pass towards Billy's waiting hands.

Suddenly, Billy feels two small arms encircle his chest, a body presses against him. He hesitates for a split second--long enough for the ball to slip through his fingers and land incomplete. Darn! He'd forgotten about the hugbacker!

Irma Roberts, star hugbacker for the Knoxville team had scored another hug. That was 5 so far this game, and 103 for the season. She was glad her dad had convinced her to try out for the team this year.

In an effort to attract more girls to the sport, the Frederick county middle school district had added a new position to the middle football teams--hugbacker. The position avoids the physically harsh hits and tackles of the other line positions, and instead allows the player to slowly sneak up and embrace the opponent, causing them to momentarily lose their concentration and resulting in dropped passes and missed opportunities.

Score a hug for the team! Irma was on her way to being MVP of the game.

flicken, May 03 2004


       Irma would get injured. She'd be the biggest target on the team.
yabba do yabba dabba, May 04 2004


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